SteadyTracker Xtreme

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Einfach zu bedienende Steadycam für mittlere bis schwere Kameras

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Designed for cameras up to 8 lbs. Excellent for DSLR cameras

• Rated #1 by Video Pro Magazine
• Flying Mode - Smooth motion shots, tilts, pans & Dutch angles while in motion
• Monopod Mode - Static tilts, pans, Dutch & zooms
• Self Supported Mode - Gets locked off shots
• Static Body Mounted Modes - Tilts, pans, Dutch, zooms and ready to fly
• Periscope Mode - Static tilts, pans, booms, Dutch's and high flying shots

Steady-Tracker gets the shots that appear to float in the air. It eliminates the yaw and roll that happen with handheld shooting by providing a counter balance on the bottom of the Steady-Tracker.

Steady-Tracker is simple to set up, a cinch to maintain, is easy to operate, and gives you the ability to shoot subject matter that is impossible otherwise. Take amazing footage as you walk, run, travel upstairs, ski, ride on a motorcycle or shoot out of a moving car.

The competition can fly, pan, boom and tilt but has no control during these moves. This sets the Steady-Tracker camcorder support apart. Accelerate and decelerate when panning, quickly start/stop, reverse directions while flying, tilt smoothly at the start or end of a boom, or dutch off the axis during a flying move.

Steady-Tracker is designed for handheld, body supported and self-supported use. Hand held, you can smoothly circle your subject, dutching, booming and tilting on the fly, changing angles and framing like in music videos. Chase scenes, up and down stairs, following people in cars, shooting family and school events, documentaries, fast moving sporting events, etc. are a breeze.

Mounting a camera on the included release plates and balancing takes less than a minute. No other steady system can be set up so you never miss a shot and you can get in and out of the job quickly saving time and money.

When done, Steady-Tracker’s feet allow it to stand up, camera elevated to protect your camera. Unlike traditional monopods, the Steady-Tracker can be set down and ready for the special shot.


Kurzbeschreibung Einfach zu bedienende Steadycam für mittlere bis schwere Kameras
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