SteadyTracker UltraLite

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Einfach zu bedienende Steadycam für leichte Kameras


The Steady-Tracker, DSLR or Camcorder ready
Designed for cameras up to 3 lbs. Excellent for DSLR cameras

• Steady motion shots – Add value to your production and make more money on every shot
• Fluid appearance – Smooth movements, no jerky actions
• Floating shots – Appears as if the camera is floating
• Better than a Monopod - Stands on its own
• Flexible – you can get any angle because it is not connected to you
• Reliable – Sturdy alloy construction
• Simple - Uses counter balance, without gyros or gimbals
• Powder coated finish – Preserves the appearance
• Comfortable handling – Foam grip is soft, easy to handle and control
• Ergonomically designed – Comfortable to use for long periods
• Fast / Easy Setup - Sets up in minutes

Steady-Tracker gets the shots that get the jobs! For those dreamy, floating shots, we offer the Steady-Tracker. Steady-Tracker DSLR or Camcorder Support is a simple counter balance device designed to eliminate shake, roll and yaw when doing handheld shots. Designed for modern hand held camcorders, Steady-Tracker allow you to get shots that appear to float in the air. It eliminates the yaw and roll tendencies that usually happen with handheld shooting by providing a counter balance on the bottom of the STU FSB.

STU FSB is simple to set up, a cinch to maintain, easy to operate while taking amazing footage. The STU FSB gives you the ability to shoot subject matter that is impossible to shoot otherwise. Take amazing footage as you walk, run, travel upstairs, ski, ride on a motorcycle or even shoot out of a moving car. Expand the creativity of your production by engaging the viewers when making them a part of the action. With the STU FSB Video Camcorder Support System you can accelerate and decelerate when panning, quickly start/stop, reverse directions while flying, tilt smoothly at the start or end of a boom, or dutch off the axis during a flying move. All at a truly affordable price.


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